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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Parr
Elizabeth Parr

Elizabeth was awarded a Masters of Clinical Psychology with Distinction from Queensland University of Technology. Prior to this she completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science with First Class Honours. 

Elizabeth received the Australian Psychological Society's (APS) prize for highest achievement in her Honours year and the APS College of Clinical Psychologist Student Prize at completion of her Masters Degree. Her research has focused on the relationship between belongingness and mood.


Elizabeth has a broad range of professional experience including private practice, community mental health, hospital, university clinic and university teaching and research settings.

Sunset Stroll

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy



Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Circle of Security Facilitation

Different therapy models look at the human dilemma through different lenses.
An understanding of your goals for therapy will shape the treatment plan.
Elizabeth will work with you to choose the path that is best suited to your needs.

Elizabeth is currently involved in a range of supervision groups, exploring Self Psychology, Chairwork psychotherapy, and Internal Family Systems.
She loves learning and values continuous training and supervision.

How we talk to ourselves matters.
Punitive, guilt-inducing, and demanding internal voices often underpin depression and anxiety. 

Notice how you speak to yourself... Are you being mean, shaming, critical?

Catch that inner critic, pause, and try some self compassion instead. It's powerful stuff!

A voice of compassion, kindness, and understanding builds a foundation of inner support and comfort. Being kind isn't being weak. We can be firm and kind.

How do I do it? Talk to you as you would to a dear friend or loved one or a small child...
wanting the best for them, encouraging them, accepting them, allowing them to be imperfect.

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