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There is no such thing as a baby. 
There is a baby
Donald Winnicott
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Want to know a little more about AND....
Young Family
Father and Son Playing




Father Playing with Daughters


Muslim Mother and Son


To understand a caregiver & child relationship we must understand the AND...

because attachment is something that occurs between two people.

Through relationship, caregivers support their child to understand themselves, others, and the world around them.


When a child feels emotionally and physically safe they are free to explore the world, connect with others, and learn. 

Gay Couple with Daughter



Cute Baby


Father and Son


Couple with their Baby


Baby's Clutch

Taking an attachment focus helps us to step back and reflect on what is occurring

between you and your child... or partner, or parent! After all, attachment is about being in relationship.

This lens helps us see the other person's needs, and helps us reflect compassionately on important (and normal) questions like.....


Parenthood brings enormous change, and a mix of emotions. Reaching out to others or making an appointment with a psychologist could be really helpful as you adjust to this life transition.

If you are interested in reading more about the parenting program Circle of Security have a look here

why is it sometimes so hard to manage my inner world as i connect with my child?

What do I do with all this guilt? All I remember at the end of the day are the bits that went "wrong"

Sometimes I have no idea what my child needs from me... How do I connect to their emotional experience, beneath these challenging behaviours?

I'm totally clear about what I don't want to do as a parent. What's less clear is how I trust my inner wisdom and parent in a way that lines up with my values. 

I feel like I've lost me in this big change.... My identity seems to be 100% parent now. How do I look after myself when there's no time to even think about what that would look like?

I'm feeling so anxious and I don't know why.....

I feel really flat, tired, numb, irritable, withdrawn... My mind is constantly comparing me to other parents... This isn't what I had imagined it would be like....

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